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Online Betting

Betting games have been a popular pastime for human beings since the beginning of time. Even in India, betting games have been part of literary classics like the Mahabharata and even today, form a vital part of Indian festival celebrations like Diwali.

But in the past few years, online betting has really taken off. Many betting sites in India have sprung up. Online betting in India is seeing a boom. The reason for the rise in betting sites is linked to the increasing use of smartphones. Today, we can safely assume that there are more than 5 million mobile phone users in India who are into online betting. Online betting sites are constantly tweaking their offerings in order to attract the new-age players.

Amongst these betting sites, SBOTOP has quickly emerged as one of best online gambling sites. For anyone wishing to know how to bet online in India, SBOTOP is a preferred choice.

The reasons are manifold. When a player wants to bet, the first he looks for are the best odds. Amongst all the betting sites in India, SBOTOP offers fantastic odds that makes the players keep coming back.

In fact, SBOTOP takes player feedback very seriously and is always looking forwards to improving user experience by incorporating invaluable suggestions made by our online betting patrons. What our customers really like about is that when SBOTOP offers odds, you can be guaranteed that they are really fair. This means that compared to other online betting sites, the probability of our players actually winning is much higher. This matters a lot to regular players as it reflects the professionalism and transparency of the online betting platform.

Also, SBOTOP has mouth-watering odds for cricket, football, esports and its ever expanding repertoire of sports and casino events across the globe.

Ultimately, online betting is also about the width and range of sports, casino and slot games covered. Every player who visits betting sites in India has unique individual tastes depending on his age, profile and geography and it is very important that betting sites factor this.

At SBOTOP, we believe in putting ourselves in the shoes of the players and then creating a product around it. We want to be counted as the best site for online betting in India. That is why, for us, nothing is more important than user experience. Today, our online betting customer has a busy lifestyle. He wants to experience the thrill of a high end gaming experience on the go. He is looking for a lot of things – betting tips, a trusted and secure platform, easy deposit options in Indian rupees, easy withdrawal of winnings, to mention a few.

Our design factors all the above aspects. We are aware that to be considered as the best online betting site in India, we need to deliver a mind-blowing mobile experience! At SBOTOP, being one of the top betting sites, we are fully mindful of this. Hence we have designed a mobile optimised site that loads quickly and enables play with minimum clicks.

So if you are thinking – how to bet online in India, rest assured, you have come to the right place. SBOTOP has been a trusted brand and ranked amongst Asia’s top 10 betting sites for many years.

Last but not least, SBOTOP also gives a bonus to get your online betting off to a winning note!

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