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Casino Hold'em

Casino Holdem Poker

Poker has seen an unstoppable surge in the last few years. Today, poker is seen not just as a means of relaxation but also intellectual stimulation and a chance to earn big bucks. Compared to its many versions, Casino Holdem (or Casino Hold’Em) is a relatively modern form of poker.

Casino Texas Holdem

The most well-known version, Texas Holdem, has grown in prominence due to several high-profile tournaments featuring big prize money. Even Hollywood has done its bit in popularising Texas Holdem with movies such as the ‘Rounders’.

However, Texas Holdem got its biggest boost in 2003. A small-time anonymous clerk, Chris Moneymaker, beat off the challenge of 800+ players in the World Series of Poker and went home with a check of 2.5 million USD.

The History of Casino Holdem Poker

This bought Texas Holdem into the limelight. And then, in 2000, Casino Holdem Poker made its grand entry. Casino Holdem was the creation of Steve Au-Yeung. He was frustrated by the low prize money and lack of scale in the existing poker tournaments. Initially, he called it Holdem Against the House as it involved playing against the dealer instead of other players.

In the initial years, the game was restricted to a few select countries like Russia, Egypt, and South Africa. But since 2010, the growth of Holdem Poker tables across the globe has been mind-boggling, to say the least! Casino Holdem Poker is on offer in at least 1000+ casinos, from Vegas to Genting to Macao.

Casino Holdem Rules

However, it has to be admitted that Casino Holdem is not an original creation. It is heavily inspired and influenced by the classic casino Texas Holdem. The Casino Holdem rules stipulate that you play with the dealer and not with other players. This is the critical and most important difference.

In Casino Holdem, the objective is to somehow end up with a better hand than that of the dealer. The game starts with the player and the house getting 2 cards each. In the course of the game, 5 more (flop) cards are given out. Whoever has the better hand is the winner. The hand consists of the best 5 cards that can be made using 5 community cards and the 2 cards given out.

Why Online Holdem Poker Grew

The advent of smart devices was the next big game-changer. Smartphones heralded the massive boom in online Holdem Poker. There was a surge in the number of people searching for information on – How to play Texas Holdem at a casino and Casino Holdem tips! Soon enough, the launch of live Casino Holdem happened that gave an additional boost to Casino Holdem Poker.

Today, even though Casino Holdem is available in physical casinos, Casino Holdem online is also becoming more popular with each passing day. A good way to start is to first get a hang of the Casino Holdem Poker game by going online and trying it out a few times. At SBOTOP, you can get the best possible online Holdem Poker experience.

How To Play Casino Holdem

Casino Holdem rules are easy enough to grasp. But a few rounds of practice will help come to grips with various aspects of the game - including Casino Holdem strategy and Casino Holdem odds. In fact, if one already knows how to play Texas Holdem at a casino, playing Casino Holdem online will be a breeze!

The best way to play Online Holdem Poker is live, with a trusted site like SBOTOP. SBOTOP combines a lot of ingredients that make the live Casino Holdem experience come alive. The dealers chatting with the players in real-time as they play, makes a big difference to the overall experience.