Teen Patti 3 Card
Teen Patti Online Game

Teen Patti 3 Card

Teen Patti Online Game

Amongst all the card games played in India, Teen Patti has always occupied a special status. The rules of a Teen Patti game are simple - which is a big reason for its popularity. A player gets 3 cards and the one with the best combo of 3 cards wins.

Teen Patti Game - Dil Se Indian!

During Indian festivals, card games like Teen Patti are a popular source of entertainment. For example, during Diwali, it is common to find families and friends indulging in 'Teen Patti' and 'Teen Patti Gold' sessions late into the night! If you travel from Mumbai in the West to Kolkata in the East, you will find multiple versions of Indian teen patti being played.

In Hindi, Teen Patti means ‘3 cards’. In fact, there is a lot of similarity with 3 card poker and the Teen patti game. Some people even say that Teen Patti, played with a full deck of 52 cards is a simplistic form of standard poker and they are not wrong.

Teen Patti Live – The Future?

Coming to live teen patti or online teen patti, it is the same teen patti game, but in a different platform that offers many advantages, compared to the physical game.

After the coronavirus pandemic, finding real players when you are in the mood for a teen patti game or a session of Teen Patti gold is no longer possible. Today what is much easier and simpler is to curl up with your mobile phone or desktop in the comfort of your home and play a teen patti card game.

New-Age Teen Patti

Teen Patti live allows you to play real anytime you wish, be it 2 am in the morning or 4 pm in the afternoon! In Teen Patti online, you don’t need to go around looking for a partner or a private place to play.

You don’t have to bother getting dressed up or take the trouble of visiting a brick and mortar casino. And yes, there is no you can’t squeeze out extra moments of Teen Patti fun for every second of your time!

The increasing number of smartphones and the low cost of data is further fueling this boom. This is supported by the numbers. Every day, lakhs of people are going online and trying to seeing videos on – how to play teen patti.

They are reading up on Teen patti rules and increasing their knowledge about the Teen Patti online game. The sheer number of people going about the Teen Patti game download is rising exponentially by the day.

Teen Patti Online – Killing It!

Sites like SBOTOP are giving Teen Patti and Teen Patti gold lovers a world-class experience by totally redefining the teen Patti online game. Our developers have managed to re-create the thrill of real Teen Patti on you device, be it Android or iOS.

SBOTOP also understands that when a person wants to play teen patti, he is always looking for a choice of opponents. That’s why we give 2 options – playing against a real player or against a Teen patti software program.

To top it, SBOTOP has a new Teen Patti version with eye-catching graphics, seamless animation and an intuitive interface that create a visual treat for your senses!

But don’t take our word for it. See it for yourself! One Teen Patti session is all it takes! You will realize soon enough why SBOTOP is already rated as one of the best Teen Patti sites in Asia.